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Eastnor Photos 2006


Enough already ... skip the waffle, I wanna get to the pics.


As there are so many photos, I've divided them up into sections and subsections. They're at a 'reasonable' size to save having to click hundreds of thumbnails.

However, this means that I've had to keep the sizes down a bit, which results in inevitable low pass filtering so the definition of all the shots doesn't appear to be as  good as they really were. (It also means that those of you not on broadband will find it a bit tedious!) I've retained all the unprocessed originals in 3008 x 2000 format so any that are required can be produced in hi-res.


I've had a series of tech problems during the year and a hideous workload too so I'm afraid I've only just got round to starting to sift, crop and tweak the several hundred shots resulting from over 1150 taken during the festival. Fortunately I was uploading the shots to Rui's machine throughout the weekend so he has had all but the post-show clear-up shots taken in the week after the event and he used some on the website immediately afterwards. However, those were 'untweaked'.


For anyone arriving at this page who isn't a Big Chill aficionado, some explanation might be required.

The Big Chill website has a very active (and rather fluffy - not that there's anything wrong with that) forum. It's purple. Thus, the regular users are known as Purple People. BC also attempts to provide support to installation artists and this results in an 'arts trail' up the hillside at night.


Veiwing the photos: They've been adjusted on an LCD screen in subdued lighting (cf: video & TV) and are assumed to be viewed similarly with daylight-balanced or video-style illuminant D6500 source probably producing reasonable results. They haven't been gamma corrected for CRT so brightness and contrast may appear to be strange if viewed in different conditions. (Having said that, the variability in quality of office-grade LCDs is often shocking so they may even look strange on an LCD!)


Note: Our servers are sometimes a little flaky. If you get a grey box where there should be a pic, just hit F5 to refresh. If everything dies, try again later.



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