Enchanted Garden 1999 & Big Chill Eclipse Party

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The view of the main stage. (...and what happened to the deckchairs in 2001???)

Twirly fire woman, view A.

Twirly fire woman, view B.

Twirly fire woman, view C.

...and a big hand for the Big Chill crew! (...and lots of little hands)

The giant illuminated inflatable sculpture dwarfs the 24-hour cafe marquee!

The string sculptures in the field near the cafe.

At the eclipse party - a group chills out in candle-light.

Our mob making light work of some sherry in the evening - cheers! (Clockwise from left, Ben, Rachel, Jono, Vicky, Chris, Alex, Simon, Mel).

....with inevitable consequences! Mel and Alex fast asleep an hour later.

Some of the gang go hunting for the best spot to see the eclipse next day.

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