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Visit to BBC OB Unit 10 23/02/2008

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(These are the low-res versions, with very visible compression artefacts. High-res available on request.)

Tony and I were invited to take a couple of students out to Anfield to visit unit 10 of what was then BBC Outside Broadcasts (now sold off to SIS OBs, like so many other parts of the BBC have been). Mike Renshall, vision engineer, showed us round and even let the students 'rack' the cameras live, during 'Match of the Day'! (i.e. they controlled colour balance and brightness - a constantly changing job as the cameras swing from one end of the pitch to the other)

Photographing inside under 'operational lighting' conditions is like trying to photograph a black cat in a coal cellar so they are a bit grainy!

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BBC OB Unit 10 at Anfield 23/02/08

Tony with Chris & Chris outside BBC OB unit 10 at Anfield Mike (BBC) greets Tony, Chris & Chris (LJMU)

Tony Moore talks to the BT comms link engineer Mike (pointing) explains to Tony and Chris about signal routing to/from the OB rig

Mike explains how the remotely-controlled cameras (polecams) are operated General view along Polecam and EVS (super-slomo) control area

BBC operators explain the EVS super slomo system to Chris, Chris & Tony Mike explains the director's gallery view

Mike shows Tony, Chris & Chris how the vision mixer can be re-configured The vision control engineering area

BBC sound controller talks to Chris C. Walking round from the sound control end back to the vision and routing area to avoid traipsing through the director's gallery (by then in use). Note hydraulic opening sides

Chris & Chris (far end) are let loose racking cameras in vision control area live on Match of the day! Vision signal routing and monitoring (just to the right of the previous pic)

 Watching the EVS super slomo operators at work Super slomo operators at work

 Intense concentration required by super slomo operators

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