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Medicinal Chemistry
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Dr FMD Ismail

Dr Fyaz MD Ismail

Subject & Research Group Leader, Senior Lecturer in Medicinal & Organic Chemistry

The Medicinal Chemistry Research Group
The School of Pharmacy and Chemistry
Liverpool John Moores University
Room 221C James Parsons Building
Byrom Street
Liverpool L3 3AF

Telephone: +44 (0)151 231 2231. All other enquires to main university switchboard: +44 (0)151 231 2121.

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Since 16 September 2001

Copyright 2002 Dr FMD Ismail

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    Research Interests:

    • Measurement of fundamental rate constants using nanosecond pulsed radiolysis.
    • Laser and Raman Spectroscopy.
    • Drug design, QSAR & biophoric maps.
    • Structural elucidation.
    • focused microwave accelerated reacctions.
    • Prediction of reaction pathways using Density Functional Theory.
    • Design, Synthesis, Pharmacological Evaluation and Molecular Modelling of mono- and bis-4 aminoquinoline antimalarials.
    • Synthesis of Novel Topoisomerase II poisions.
    • Synthesis and anticancer activity of diazaanthracenes, quinolines and acridines.
    • Synthesis of trioxanes and trioxolanes related to artemisinin and Yingzhaosu.
    • Synthesis of ANtioxidants related Vitamin E.
    • Construction of fluorinated N-arylphenazines.
    • HIV Integrase Inhibitors.
    • Treatment of Lupus with 4-aminoquinolines.
    • Naldixic acid derivatives.
    • Molecular modelling of porphyrins.
    • Synthesis and biological evaluation of tubulin disrupters.
    • Structure-Activity-Toxicity Relationships.
    • Multidimensional NMR experiments to elucidate natural product structure.
    • 17O NMR Studies of Artemisinin and related 1,2,4-trioxanes.
    • INADEQUATE Spectroscopy.
    • Discovery and Optimisation New and Exisiting Atom Efficient Industrial Processes

    Several patents have been granted including those concerning

    Immunostimulants, Antimalarials and Antioxidants. For instance, compounds which consist of an antioxidant moiety chemically linked to the precursor moiety which is capable of targeting specific populations of cells by exploiting endogenous uptake systems for biological chemicals are useful in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.These include Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and neuropathological conditions induced by amphetamines such as MDMA. If you want to study for a higher degree or wish to collaborate on a specific project.



    Enquiries to:

    Dr F M D Ismail
    Department of Pharmacy and Chemistry
    e-mail :